Worldwide shipping!

Why is the shipping time a little longer than usual?

Many leather items suffer from being stored for long periods of time in sub-par storage conditions.  When the environment is too hot or cold, or the item is stored for a long time, the leather will no longer remain in optimal condition.  So, we create almost all our products to order.  This ensures you receive a brand-new product, made from the freshest and most supple leather.

How it works:

1. When we receive your order, it is immediately passed over to our overseas factory for production.  Our factory will lovingly and carefully produce the required garment to the very highest standard.

2. The order is passed over to our shipping agent.  Their job is to bring your item into the country of delivery, or close nearby.  Then they hand over the order to a local delivery company.

3. The company who handles the final delivery is chosen by our shipping agent depending on the delivery address, but it will be a national courier such as DHL or Parcel Force.  They will promptly be on your doorstep bearing your precious order.

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